Notification Management

Our company mission is to ensure you are only receiving notifications that are locally relevant to your verified address. We do provide you with some 🎛️ control over what 🔔 notifications you receive.

Can I turn off notifications?

Yes! Currently, you can turn off 🔔 notifications for any 🆕 new messages in an individual 🐺pack, thread, and direct message. You can also turn off all push notifications by opting out of notifications for the application in the default prompt. However, we do not recommend this. If you turn off device notifications, you have to go into your application settings to turn it back on. 

How do I turn off notifications for new messages?

  1. Log into the 📱app
  2. Select the 🐺 pack,  thread, or direct message you want the 🆕 new message 🔔 notifications turned off for
  3. Navigate to the description
  4. Select the "Mute all notification" button
  5. A notification displays indicating you have successfully turned off notifications for that pack