Community Packs Settings

Here is where you will find everything you need to know about Community Packs!

What are Community Packs?

🏘️ After you successfully verify your address, you are automatically placed into your Community Pack: your Street Pack. This process is a part of the Howl experience, and will occur for all verified Howl users.

  • Your Street Pack contains verified users who live on your street.
  • There will not be unverified users in your Street Pack.

Why don't I see any users or messages in my Street Pack? 

😀 Wow, we are so happy to have you be one of the first users in your area to join Howl. The best way to grow your packs is to  💌 💬 📱share it with neighbors and town members. You can also reach out to to learn if our team is expanding into your town. 

Can I remove myself from a Community Pack?

  1. Log into the 📱app
  2. Select the 👤Profile button on the bottom navigation bar
  3. Select the ⚙️ Settings button
  4. Scroll down to the Community Packs section
  5. Select the 🔽 dropdown button
  6. Select the LEAVE button

👍 You can rejoin your community packs from this area at any time if you change your mind! Community packs bring the most value to where you live and whose nearby!