Camera Settings

View and change multiple camera settings from one screen.

To find camera settings navigate to your Profile (Top Right icon) > Devices

1. To rename your camera click the text box and type in the name you would like to use for that camera. Make sure you use a unique name for each camera in your house.

2. Use the toggle button to turn on or off the audio recording on your camera.

3.  Use the toggle button to turn on or off the status light.

4. Use the toggle button to turn on or off the infrared light.

5. Use the toggle button to turn on or off the motion sensor detection on your camera. Click for full settings

Turn on or off notification schedule to set day and time you want your camera to record.

Turn on or off Notification Schedule with toggle

To set Notification Schedule click.  Set days of the week and times for individual days or all days.

6.  Set the time zone that you are currently in UTC

7.  Use the toggle button to turn or off whether you use daylight savings time.8.  Chose the date format you are most comfortable with.




6.  Choose the wifi network that is set up in your house to connect with your camera.

If you want to change the Wifi the app will prompt you to reset the camera.  You will need to provision the camera online again.

7.  The storage status will be the memory card that is inserted in the camera. Howl does not offer cloud storage yet.

8.  The software version for the camera is displayed

9. Image Encryption toggle on or off

If Image Encryption is turned on you will need to set or reset password for images.

10.  Use the toggle button to turn on or off sleep mode.11. "More" at top of screen prompts a user to delete the device or cancel.