Add New Camera

Adding the Howl Camera is a great way of keeping your home safer.

Secure the camera magnetically to the metal plate or metal surface (see figure below).

1.  Choose a clean and flat surface, and secure the metal plate to the desired position with screws (not included) or the foam stickers provided.

2.  There’s a magnet piece inside the camera. You can skip this step if the surface is made of metal.

3.  Secure the camera magnetically to the metal plate or metal surface.4.  Adjust the camera angle as desired.

Camera Set-Up

1. Create a user account - Connect your mobile phone to Wi-Fi. -Download and install the Howl app by searching “Howl Alert” in App Store and Google PlayTM . -Launch the app and register for a Howl user account following the start-up wizard.

2. Add a camera to Howl-Log into the Howl app. - From the Howl app home screen, tap “+” on the upper-right hand corner.

3. You will navigate to the next screen and be prompted to scan QR code.  Scan the QR Code on the bottom of the camera.

4.  Enter the verification code located on the bottom of the camera.

5.  Enter the correct time zone and DST information, and tap “Finish” to finish setup.6. Repeat if prompted.

NOTE: The majority of times you are asked to repeat is due to the mistyping or misspelling of Wifi Password.