Create an Alert

Alert section is a user's way to communicate they are in trouble to their Pack quickly and accurately.

  1. Click the My Pack icon located at the bottom right of the home screen
  2. Locate the Red alarm button and slide it from left to right.  
  3. This will trigger an alarm (loud criminal deterrent and simultaneous signal for help) and notify all of your Pack members that you are in trouble, providing your GPS location as well as options to call you or call 911 on your behalf.
  4. Given various uses cases, the alarm sound associated with alerts is optional.  However, the default alarm mode will be “On” for maximum alert effectiveness.  Again, this alarm serves as a criminal deterrent as well as a signal for help.

Cancel Alert

  1. After an Alert has been activated, you will see an active alert screen.
  2. To cancel the alert, enter your four digit Cancel Code at the bottom of the alert screen and press Cancel. Your alarm will stop, and Pack members will be notified that your alert has been canceled.  (By default your cancel code is set to the last four digits of your mobile phone number you used to sign up with.)

If you want to enhance the Pack feature and alert first responders at the same time as your Pack, click here to learn about Howl Monitoring.

Activating Alert  through Voice Assistance

Alerts can also be triggered hands-free via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri by installing the Howl Alert voice skill. 

  1. You can link those voice assistant to you your account by clicking on the Link voice-assistant button in the app on the manage pack screen and select your voice assistant of choice
  2. After selecting the voice assistant you will be prompted by either Howl or native instructions to enable the voice assistant skill, action and or linking the howl account to the voice assistant.